April 17, 2024

Estate Sale Scheduled: Kerr House Becomes a Family Home Once Again

By River Rat Country Feb 17, 2024 #News #Rural

It’s bittersweet for Bob and Cathy Trame as the historic Grand Kerr House is changing hands and will once again be a family home.

The iconic home in Grand Rapids, which was built by Benjamin and Ann Kerr in the 1880s, was occupied by the Kerr family up until the 1970s. In the late 1970s, Laurie Hostetler renovated the home into a famous health spa that people from all over the world, including celebrities, would visit to unwind and get pampered.

The home changed ownership near 2014 after challenges from the housing crisis forced the closure of the health spa. The Trames then purchased the home during an auction in 2016.

Once again, the Grand Kerr House welcomed visitors from all over the world as the Trames worked to build a successful bed and breakfast, while preserving the legacy of the house.

The home will be occupied by a family who, according to Mr. Trame, is interested in respecting the house’s legacy.

“Now the Kerr House has come full circle and will once again be a family home,” the Trames said in a Facebook post. “Welcome to the new owners-may they have many grand years in their new home!”

An estate sale will be held March 1 through 3 at the Grand Kerr House located at 17777 Beaver Street in Grand Rapids, Ohio. Those interested can get updates from Sterling Estate Sales at this link or visit the Kerr House’s Facebok page at think link.

NWO Community Media is currently producing a podcast which will profile the Grand Kerr House. We would like to thank Bob & Cathy Trame for allowing us to tour this amazing home. Visit TowpathRadio.com for updates on the upcoming podcast.

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